TENANT BUYER PROGRAM Whether you have owned a home in the past or this is the first time you’ve thought about buying, WE CAN HELP! We are passionate about helping you accomplish your goals!  

Our Homebuyer Program is designed to help you buy the home of your dreams. Since you are a valued client, we want to help you along the way and make the process of buying a home as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that this process may take time, and we will be reaching out to you throughout your lease agreement period to review the next steps.


Once your rental application has been approved, you may be eligible to participate in our Tenant Homebuyer Program. There are minimum requirements necessary, and we want to help you qualify for mortgage financing. IF YOU WANT TO WORK TOWARDS IT, WE WILL PROVIDE ASSISTANCE TO GET YOU THERE!

  • We will assist you in search and negotiation of terms on your new home with professional Buyers Agent representation through our sales division, The Simonelli Real Estate Group. 

  • We will provide assistance with mortgage qualifying through our preferred Mortgage Broker. 

  • We will provide assistance with a professional closing experience with our preferred closing Attorney. 

  • We will provide assistance with the complexities of proper homeowners insurance and flood insurance through our preferred Insurance company. 

  • We will also provide you with a closing credit as allowed by the Lender. This is up to a $1500.00 value, plus the incredible one-stop-shop experience.


  1. To be approved for the homebuyer program, tenants will need to email sales@thesimonelligroup.com 

  2. Tenants must be current and in good standing with their leasing obligations, that may include:

    1. Current on rent 

    2. Current on all utilities 

    3. No more than 2 late payments in the last 12-month period 

    4. No outstanding lease violations or significant history of lease violations

    5. Property found to be in good condition in property inspections 

    6. Positive working experience throughout the lease period, where the tenant has been friendly, communicative, responsive, timely, etc.

Once you are approved as part of our Tenant Homebuyer program, we will connect you with a licensed Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Loan Officer to help you through the home buying process!

They will review your current situation, discuss your home buying and financial goals, and direct you on the path to homeownership. Plan on being contacted about every 90 days to check-in on progress and outline the next steps. Of course, if you have questions along the way do not hesitate to reach out to your management office at any time.