Owner Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I contact Royal Palm Property Management?

    You can contact Royal Palm Property Management by email at managers@royalpalmpm.com or call 239 223 2116 Ext:101
  • What services does Royal Palm Property Management offer to property owners?

    Royal Palm Property Management offers a range of services to property owners across Southwest Florida, including property marketing, tenant screening and selection, rent collection, property inspections, maintenance coordination, and financial reporting.
  • How does Royal Palm Property Management market my property to potential tenants?

    Royal Palm Property Management utilizes various marketing strategies to promote your property to potential tenants. This may include online listings on popular rental platforms, advertising on the company's website, signage, and networking with local real estate agents.
  • How does Royal Palm Property Management screen and select tenants?

    At Royal Palm Property Management, we take tenant screening and selection seriously, aiming to maintain a high standard of quality in our resident community. Our thorough screening process involves the following steps:

    • Application Review: We carefully review each tenant application to assess crucial information such as rental history, employment details, income verification, and references. This initial review helps us gauge an applicant's suitability and reliability.
    • Credit Check: We conduct comprehensive credit checks to evaluate an applicant's financial responsibility and creditworthiness. By assessing credit history, we gain insights into an individual's ability to meet financial obligations.
    • Background Check: As part of our commitment to safety, we conduct background checks on all applicants. This includes screening for criminal records, evictions, and any prior housing-related issues.
    • Rental History Verification: We contact previous landlords or property management companies to verify an applicant's rental history. This step allows us to assess their past behavior as a tenant and their adherence to lease agreements.
    • Employment and Income Verification: We verify employment details and income to ensure that prospective tenants have a stable source of income to meet their rental obligations.

    By implementing these rigorous screening measures, we aim to select tenants who demonstrate a strong commitment to fulfilling their lease obligations and maintaining the property in good condition. Our screening process goes above and beyond industry standards.

  • How does rent collection work with Royal Palm Property Management?

    Royal Palm Property Management handles rent collection on behalf of property owners. They have efficient systems in place to ensure timely rent payments from tenants. We strive to make paying rent as easy as possible for our residents.
  • How often does Royal Palm Property Management conduct property inspections?

    Royal Palm Property Management conducts regular property inspections to ensure that your property is well-maintained and any necessary repairs or maintenance are addressed promptly. The frequency of inspections may vary, depending on the Management package you choose but they are typically carried out at least once or twice a year.
  • How does Royal Palm Property Management coordinate property maintenance and repairs?

    Royal Palm Property Management has a network of trusted and reliable vendors and contractors in Southwest Florida. They coordinate all necessary repairs and maintenance tasks on your behalf, ensuring quality workmanship and cost-effective solutions.
  • How often will I receive financial reports from Royal Palm Property Management?

    Royal Palm Property Management provides regular financial reports to property owners. The frequency of these reports may vary, but they are typically provided on a monthly or quarterly basis. These reports detail the income and expenses associated with your property. You are also provided with an owner portal where you can pull a variety of different financial reports 24/7
  • Can I access my property's financial reports online?

    Yes, Royal Palm Property Management offers an online portal where property owners can access their financial reports, lease agreements, inspection reports and other relevant documents. This portal provides convenient and secure access to important information about your property.
  • How does Royal Palm Property Management handle emergencies that occur outside of regular business hours?

    Royal Palm Property Management provides 24/7 emergency support for property owners and tenants. In case of emergencies, such as a plumbing leak or electrical issues, tenants can contact the emergency maintenance line, which is promptly addressed by our team.
  • How does Royal Palm Property Management handle lease renewals and tenant turnovers?

    Royal Palm Property Management handles lease renewals and tenant turnovers efficiently. They proactively communicate with tenants well in advance (90-120 days) of lease expiration to discuss renewal options. In the case of tenant turnovers, they handle the necessary tasks, such as conducting move-out inspections, obtaining estimates for necessary work, marketing the property, and screening new tenants.
  • How can I stay updated on the status of my property with Royal Palm Property Management?

    Royal Palm Property Management provides multiple channels for property owners to stay informed about their property's status. In addition to regular communication, we offer a convenient online portal exclusively for property owners. The portal provides a comprehensive overview, giving our owners a bird's eye view of your property or portfolio. This feature allows owners to monitor key metrics and stay informed about the overall performance of your investments. The online portal offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring that you can access the information you need easily and securely.
  • Do you sell real estate?

    We are a full service real estate company specifically geared towards assisting Investors. In addition to property management, we have a team of experienced agents who specialize in sales and listings. Our sales division, the Simonelli Real Estate Group, is dedicated to assisting investors in buying and selling properties. With their extensive knowledge of the local market and expertise in investment properties, they can provide valuable insights and guide you through the process to achieve your real estate goals
  • When will I receive my rental proceeds each month?

    Rent payment is due in our office on the first of each month as stated in our leases. It is important to note that if rent is not received by the fourth of the month, a late fee will be assessed in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement.

    To ensure compliance with trust accounting laws and maintain transparency, we follow a specific process for rent disbursement. We electronically deposit your funds into the bank account of your choice. This disbursement process takes place between the 10th and 20th of each month, depending on the specific dates and any holidays that may affect the timeline.

    Please keep in mind that electronic fund transfers are sent via Automated Clearing House (ACH), and it may take 1-3 business days for the funds to be posted to your account.

    For more specific information or if you have additional questions email us at managers@royalpalmpm.com