About Us

Royal Palm Property Management is a residential property firm that believes in honesty and reliability. We’re more than just sales people. We’re actual investors who want to see you thrive. We provide top-tier management services for clients big and small who are looking to achieve financial freedom.

Financial freedom. We all want it. Yet very few people actually attain it. Here at Royal Palm Property management our aim is to help you reach your financial goals. No matter how ambitious they may be. Which is why we remain one of the leading providers in residential property management year in and year out. Whether you’re looking to market your property or even just generating detailed reports each month, we can help you begin taking control of your cash flow.

Built by investors, for investors. We pride ourselves in being experts in our field. This is more than just a job to us. It’s our life. With this comes an unrelenting drive to bring our clients an honest and reliable service. We’re not wishy washy when it comes to fees. All of our costs are laid out in a simple and accessible manner on our website. We champion integrity and transparency above everything else and will always go out of our way to provide you with a first-rate service. No hidden fees. No hassle. Just simple property management done the right way.

You have a vision in your mind for the life you want. However, without the right income streams this will never be possible. Let us help you achieve the life of your wildest dreams by assisting you in your journey to financial freedom. We put a strong focus on results and will always work to maximise your return on investment. If we’re not making you money, then we’re not doing our job right and we always do our job right. The best part? We take care of all the details so you don’t have to. Simply give us reigns over all the aspects of letting your property and you can sit back, relax and let the cash come in.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Royal Palm Property Management is to help Real Estate investors and landlords to reach their goals with ease.We put honesty above everything else. Promises are made to be kept and we will always follow through on what we say. 

Courage and an unrelenting drive to innovate are at the core of everything we do. We’re not ones for staying inside of the box. We like to push boundaries and provide a level of expertise that you won’t have experienced anywhere else. Most importantly, we believe in the power of great service. Our team will always push to provide a customer experience that’s unforgettable. We're here for you every step of the way with a fierce commitment to give you the best experience possible.

Our Core Values

Honesty - above all others; we will follow through with our promises, providing consistency to our stakeholders. We will also recognize that we are not perfect and will take responsibility for mistakes when they do occur.

Respect- we treat everyone we come into contact with in a respectful manner, regardless of how we are treated in return or the benefit we might get from our behavior.

Courage- we will be courageous as an organization to try new things, test their efficacy & adapt as needed..

Service- we are committed to serving with words that are substantiated by our actions. RPPM will serve the Southwest Florida community by directly devoting our resources to organizations doing good work.

Meet Our Team

Ashley Simonelli » Broker|Owner
Picture of Ashley Simonelli Broker
With over 10 years of Property Management experience Ashley brings extensive experience to managing properties and provides her clients with accountability, flexibility and service. Primarily, she serves as a liaison between the tenants, vendors, and property owners, making sure the property operates efficiently and provides a maximized return for the owner.Her experience includes Portfolio Management specializing in Multi-Family Residential and Commercial Management specializing in Apartment Communities.

Ashley is a graduate from Hodges University where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Business with a minor in marketing. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and has assisted her investor with many sales transactions as well.
Ollie De Lira » Director of Operations
Picture of Ollie de Lira

With over 8 years of experience in the customer service field as representative, supervisor, and operations manager for one of the biggest contact centers in the world and working with two of the biggest cable companies in the US, he brings an authentic sense of service always focused on the human side, committed to the philosophy that we work with people, not numbers.

He also has a degree in Internal Communication which he put on practice for 5 years, first as Internal Communication Coordinator for “Little Farm Organics” and later as Graphic Designer for a Real State company.

With two years in the company, he is now manager of our tenant and customer services department, he is in charge of overviewing and maintaining the high standards for our tenant, vendor, and homeowner communications as well as making sure they are aligned with our company's policies and core, always willing to help our employees and associates in order to create an excellent business experience for all of them.

David Lyons » Director of Accounting
Picture of David Lyons

With a background in Commercial Lending and Real Estate Investments in Massachusetts, David has carved a notable career in the finance and real estate sectors. Holding a degree in Finance and Economics from UMASS Boston, David possesses a deep academic and practical understanding of the industry. After relocating to SWFL in 2020, David further expanded his expertise in property management accounting, initially working as an Accounting Manager at Rent Solutions in Tampa, then advancing to a Senior Sales and Service Manager role at Proper.Ai.

In June 2022, David embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding a company that specializes in optimizing accounting functions for property managers across the United States. This venture is a culmination of his extensive experience and commitment to excellence in the property management field. David's collaboration with Royal Palm Property Management epitomizes his dedication to enhancing property management efficiency and profitability.

Michelle Espinosa » Assistant Property Manager
Picture of Michelle Espinosa
Michelle has 2 years of experience in customer service as a representative and supervisor for one of the largest call centers globally, she also has experience as a Human Resources manager for a private security company. With a degree in Marketing, she was a Community Manager for a Preschool and designed a webpage for “Bios Eco Friendly Cleaning Products".

She brings creativity, dedication, and commitment to provide an excellent service and help our applicants, tenants and vendors find the best solution to their needs.
Diego Luna » Assistant Leasing Manager
Picture of Diego Luna
Diego Luna is a passionate individual with a deep interest in real estate and property management services. With a genuine commitment to helping others, Diego strives to provide the best possible assistance to his clients, ensuring their needs are met with utmost professionalism and care.

Driven by his goals and a natural inclination for problem-solving, Diego excels at finding effective solutions even when faced with challenges. His dedication to delivering exceptional service sets him apart, making him a reliable and trustworthy resource for those seeking guidance in the real estate market.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Diego enjoys an active lifestyle. He finds fulfillment in going out, engaging in physical activities such as going to the gym, and cherishing quality time spent with his beloved family and friends. Diego's warm and empathetic nature enables him to connect deeply with others, providing a supportive and understanding presence in both his personal and professional relationships.

His unwavering passion for real estate, his knack for problem-solving, and his genuine empathy make him an ideal partner for anyone seeking expert guidance in property management services. With Diego, you can be assured of receiving personalized attention and the highest level of care throughout your real estate journey.
Miguel Santibañez » Director of Quality and Maintenance
Picture of Rebeca Romo
Miguels serves as our Director of Quality and Maintenance. With over 11 years of experience in the customer service and quality management fields, Miguel has consistently demonstrated excellence and leadership in various roles, including Quality Department Coordinator and Operations Manager at one of the largest global contact centers. His extensive background includes collaborating with major clients and delivering exceptional service with a human-centric approach.
Miguel's expertise in implementing quality management systems and his strategic vision have significantly contributed to the optimization of operational processes and enhancement of customer satisfaction. Miguel's commitment to quality and customer service, coupled with his strategic and human-centric approach, makes him an invaluable asset to our organization. His ability to seamlessly blend technical proficiency with a deep understanding of client needs ensures that every project he undertakes exceeds expectations. Outside of his professional achievements, Miguel is a devoted family man who treasures spending quality time with his friends and family. His dedication to personal relationships mirrors his professional philosophy: we work with people, not numbers. This perspective brings an authentic sense of service and empathy to every role he undertakes.
Maria Fernanda Aceves » Leasing Manager
Picture of Maria Fernanda Aceves
Mafer brings a diverse range of skills and experience to the table, having excelled both as a customer service representative for one of the largest cable companies in the US for over 4 years and as an HR assistant for one of the biggest movie theatre companies in the world for almost 2 years. During her time as an HR assistant, she was responsible for ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of both customers and employees, which involved coordinating various wellness programs and activities.

One of Mafer's greatest strengths is her ability to show empathy, which she believes is crucial in building strong and positive relationships between companies and customers. In her free time, she enjoys taking leisurely walks with her dog, reading in the park, and listening to others' stories.
Stetson Miller » Investor Services & REALTOR
With a total of 5 years working in the medical profession and as an EMT, Stetson has learned the importance of working with a well-functioning team to ensure complete satisfaction and unwavering performance. Bringing these traits of service, along with many others learned throughout his medical career, he is proud to be serving the needs of new and repeat homebuyers, as well as investors, in Southwest Florida. A member of the FGCU family, in his spare time, Stetson enjoys fishing, camping, and everything else outdoors. Working as the seamless team that he has grown accustomed to, Stetson promises to work with his clients until the pinnacle of satisfaction is received.