Payment Guarantee


If a tenant that Royal Palm placed does not pay as agreed, we do not charge our management fee. We get paid when you get paid.

Fee Guarantee


If you can find a lower management fee in writing by another company, we will match that fee.

Rental Guarantee


If we are unable to secure a tenant within 90 days, provided the rent terms align with our mutual agreement, we will graciously waive the first month's management fee for your property.

Service Guarantee


A lot of people say they are the best and that you won’t regret hiring them. However, they then lock you into a contract that you can not get out of without paying exorbitant cancellation fees. That doesn’t seem right to us, nor does it instill confidence that they are looking out for your best interests. We believe that the quality of management should stand on its own. If you aren’t fully satisfied working with us, let us try to fix it, or fire us with just 30 days’ notice!

Placement Guarantee


NEVER pay two leasing fees within a 12 month period. We stand behind our screening and the tenants we place. With our full-service management, we will replace a tenant that breaks their lease within their first lease term, for free. The only exclusion is if a tenant is relocated due to military orders.

Eviction Guarantee

Eviction Protection Promise

How the Eviction Protection Plan works:

We recognize the stress and financial strain caused by a tenant breaching their lease agreement. Evictions, though unfortunate, are sometimes necessary. With our Eviction Protection Promise, the worry about eviction-related costs is a thing of the past. We manage the entire eviction process and absorb the legal costs or fees, provided the eviction is uncontested.
The criteria for the Eviction Protection Promise include:

  • Owners must opt for our Eviction Protection Promise in the Management Agreement.
  • New tenants that Royal Palm has vetted and moved in are covered immediately.
  • Existing tenants, whose leases were signed before Royal Palm's involvement, will be covered after a period of seven months. *Conditions apply for tenants not screened and placed by Royal Palm.
  • The program does not cover lost rent, move-out expenses, or property damage.
  • The program excludes coverage for the tenant's legal fees, court-ordered fines, damages, or penalties.

For pricing details of the Eviction Protection Promise, please refer to the pricing page.

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