How To Submit A Maintenance Request

Our team is standing by ready to assist you when you submit a maintenance request in a quick and efficient manner. When you submit a maintenance request, we want to be certain that we send the correct maintenance vendor(s) to your property so we require all maintenance requests to be made in writing. You may use the request feature in your resident portal 24/7/365.

Click here to submit a maintenance request.

For emergency maintenance requests ONLY please call (239) 223-2116 EXT 5

When making maintenance requests, please help us help you by including the following in all your requests: 

1) Description - A complete and thorough description of the issue.

What is the issue? What work is requested? How long has it been going on? etc

This helps to expedite the vendor process and get someone out to your property quickly.

2) Appliances - If your issue is with an appliance (Refrigerator, dishwasher, stove etc) please include the manufacturer name and model number (if available) in your request.

3) Multiple Requests - Submit a complete request for each maintenance issue separately.

Please do not list multiple items on one request. This slows down the wheels of progress and takes more time for our maintenance team to separate and assign to the appropriate vendor(s).

4) Contact Info - Provide us with accurate and current contact information

In many cases either our Maintenance Director or a vendor will be in touch to assist with the issue. It’s highly important that we be able to get in touch with you to schedule an appointment. For example, if you are at work during the day, and can’t answer a cell phone then please provide us with alternate contact details. 

IMPORTANT NOTE About Repairs:  It is not the landlord’s responsibility to cure drain clogs, sink stoppages, or backed up toilets unless the proximate cause is tree roots or plumbing defect. We will ofcourse send a repair person on any drain line clog, but we request that you be prepared to pay for the service if tree roots are not the cause.  

We will work promptly on your request by issuing a work order to our vendor(s). They will contact you directly to make an appointment. Our vendors are generally very responsive to our requests. However, calls do get dropped and emails can get missed. So if you do not hear from a vendor within 48-hours (non emergency)please let us know so that we can step in and help to make sure the work order is completed..

Click here to submit a maintenance request.

For emergency maintenance requests ONLY please call (239) 223-2116 EXT 5