Landlord Rescue Program

Your tenant has not paid their rent in months, your property has been trashed, and you haven’t had to deal with evicting a tenant before.

What should you do?

Royal Palm Property Management has extensive experience in ”rescuing” owners from tenants who aren’t paying their rent. We will either get your tenant back paying rent again or help you get them out of your property. 

We are quite effective in negotiating with tenants to either pay the rent or move, saving you the cost of eviction. If an eviction is required our attorney can help.

We Offer Landlord Rescue in The Southwest Florida area: 

How much does the service cost? 

The cost for this service is a flat $1200 plus expenses (attorney and court costs are extra). After our management agreement is signed we will start the process to get your tenant back on track paying rent or evict them.