Owner Sign Up – Next Steps

After signing up for one of our property management packages, what do you do next?

Welcome to Royal Palm Property Management, here are the next steps after joining us.

You just recently set up a new property management agreement with us and now it’s time to get your home ready.
First thing we want to do is try to alleviate some of the headache that you may occur in after the tenant moves in.

We have to bring the home to a certain level of property code, that’s going to include:

We will be reaching out to you to go over all the details of marketing your home and we’ll be answering all your questions, so this is just a quick intro on what’s going to happen with the next steps after signing up a property management agreement, should you have any further questions reach out to us at (239)223-2116 ext. 101 or you can visit us online at www.royalpalmpm.com