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A quick reminder for Thanksgiving....

Royal Palm Property Management - Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Did you know that the Friday after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers? Please take note of these "13 Things" to prevent a maintenance call this weekend.

The modern garbage disposal has been a tremendous boon for homeowners and renters worldwide. It provides a quick and sanitary way to dispose of food waste, keeping trash bags lighter and landfills from overflowing. Because of their simplicity and solid construction, disposals are workhorses, potentially grinding away year after year. But even this venerable appliance can choke on certain items. Here are 13 things to never put in your disposal if you want to keep it running smooth and your drains clog-free.

1)Coffee grounds...think about what used coffee grounds look like when taken out of a filter: They reduce to a thick densely packed pasty wad. An that is exactly why you don't want them going into your drain lines. 
2)Pasta...absorbs water, swells and clogs 
3)Bones...too hard 
4)Oatmeal...absorbs water, swells and clogs 
5)Nuts...gets caught in gear mechanism; makes "peanut butter" in drains 
6)Onion Skins...the layer is so thin that it can pass through the disposal, missing the blades and wind up wedged in the drain, where it acts like a cargo net on a pickup, catching more items and holding them in place. 
7)Egg shells 
9)Fibrous veggies-celery, pumpkin, sweet potato, rhubarb, etc...see corn husks 
10)Potato peels...see "Onion skins" 
11)Seeds and pits---gets caught in gear mechanism 
12)Corn Husks---binds up gear mechanism 
13)Shells...nuts/seafood) - too hard and/or clog up the drain

Please also note that our office will be closed the 22nd and 23rd. If you should have an after hours emergency work order please call 239 223 2116 option 5.

Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!